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Dear Colleague:

The field of surgery is exponentially increasing in discovery and controversy. While the frontier of surgical science is the livelihood of academia, many students of the field have insisted that they want to focus on the accepted standard of care, not what is controversial. To this end, we crafted clinical scenarios which mandate a surgical decision and highlight the standard of care. Our emphasis on the Socratic method and high-yield facts is designed to provide an easy-to-read text with a classic, yet innovative method of learning and retention. The case-based questions present information in a practical way, and the italicized pearls indicate “take-home” points. The book is designed to be versatile, serving as both a quick review as well as a companion to other major texts.

I am especially proud to present this book as the collected work of over 70 outstanding teachers. Each one was invited to contribute because they have received teaching awards or have a strong track record of excellence in teaching. They are “in-tune” with basic learning objectives and have expertise in their specialty area. The second edition also represents the incorporation of hundreds of suggestions by readers who provided feedback on the publisher’s website. We also added several dedicated chapters to topics traditionally over-represented on exams.

For this edition, we worked closely with a team of surgical illustrators to add pictures of surgical management and anatomical relationships. This artwork was created specifically for this purpose and carefully designed to capture key points for easy memorization and rapid recall. In many cases, management strategies are depicted in “before-and-after” illustrations. In the spirit of learning, we have made all illustrations which appear in this book freely available on-line to use for powerpoint presentations and other educational purposes (www.GeneralSurgeryReview.com).

Finally, book proceeds benefit a new and rapidly growing humanitarian and human rights advocacy organization focused on international medical relief work. A non-profit charity, The Lotus Global Health Foundation® networks health professionals to missions opportunities and promotes public health through focused contributions to surgical care and research. Information on supporting the effort is available at www.LotusGlobalHealth.org.

In the spirit of community, we welcome any suggestions you may have to improve this book for future editions. I hope that this text will be an opportunity for you to solidify fundamental principles across the great field of surgery, and that it may ultimately benefit your command of all areas of surgery as they apply to your patients.

Martin A. Makary, M.D., M.P.H.
Department of Surgery
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


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