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General Surgery Review: Safe Answers, Exam Pearls, and High-Yield Facts




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Martin A. Makary
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


John L. Cameron
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

"...an important addition to the books used by students, residents, and practicing surgeons in a variety of settings. It is well done, concise, and presents a tremendous amount of information that is easily reviewed in a short period of time. Dr. Makary is to be complimented for this contribution." — John L. Cameron



General Surgery Review is a comprehensive review presented in a unique case-based format. Topics are summarized in easy-to-remember capsules with exam pearls interjected throughout.

A "quick-read" —the book can serve as a last minute study aid or a general framework for learning about the field of surgery, including a relevant review of all relevant subspecialties. Unlike many other books, General Surgery Review excludes controversial management in order to present an easy-to-remember foundation of knowledge. Thus, the book focuses on "the basics" to provide the reader with a broad command of the field.

Martin A. Makary, a general surgeon at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, has assembled the review in conjunction with his colleagues and many other national experts.



  • Excellent subspecialty reviews
  • Recurring high-yield facts
  • Over 800 case-based questions
  • Exam pearls
  • Bullet points for easy memorization
  • Reader feedback

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"A great source of surgical pearls for students and residents."
—Melissa Wahba, Surgical Intern, Baylor College of Medicine (more reviews).

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